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One of CP’s value-added services is that we provide inventory management options for our customers. Why tie up cash and add additional costs in storage and labor when CP Precision will stock your screw machined components for future release. Discuss the options below with one of our sales reps to determine which works best for your business’s needs.

Blanket Order – Place a blanket purchase order with us, set your delivery dates, and your parts will show up on your dock the day they are due. Save your purchasing department time and energy in not having to continually place orders or chase down packages and parts. We stock the parts for you and send them out for an on-time delivery.

Kan Ban – CP Precision’s goal is to forge strong partnerships with its customers. In the spirit of true Kan Ban, we want to have a strong relationship between customer and supplier. Unlike blanket orders that have an end date, Kan Ban promotes an ongoing partnership with the customer and supplier in which both work together to meet the needs of the customer and focus on cost control. With Kan Ban, there are no large purchase orders; shipments are released in a fixed lot size as per the customer’s demands. The benefit of this option is that revisions can be made and implemented quickly, as no large stockpile of product is left. Thus, Kan Ban does not create a major liability for either party and both customer and supplier work together as partners to streamline the process, create greater efficiency, and enable cost reductions.


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